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Comodo SecureDNS Features

SecureDNS protects your network, reduces Internet outages, and makes browsing noticeably faster with no additional software.

Why Should I Use Comodo SecureDNS?

Because it's the fastest and most accurate way to protect all devices on your network from unscrupulous websites. Simply by changing your DNS to point to our IP addresses, you will gain access to malware and phishing protection, making your Internet safer and smarter.

Because it catches hidden malware and fraud on websites that the DNS service provided by your Internet Service Provider (ISP) cannot. Regular DNS can't differentiate between your bank and a copycat site, which puts you at risk of fraudulent activity and identity theft. SecureDNS is able to spot the difference and lets you choose from 25 categories to choose what is allowed in and what gets stopped.

Because it is supported by a global anycast network to provide you with DNS responses faster by connecting you to the nearest datacenter every time. Combining strategically placed data centers with anycast routing technology ensures that no matter where you are located, your DNS requests are answered by the neareat datacenter for the highest performance, most reliable Internet possible, speeding up website load time.

New Features and Improvements

Content filters - Now you can let your children surf the Web with the confidence that they are less likely to stumble across harmful material. Understanding that each family and household is unique, SecureDNS 2.0 was designed with felexibility in mind, making it possible to choose from 25 categories of website content to block/filter (available to registered beta users).

New technology - Comodo SecureDNS 2.0 has been completely re-engineered with an all-new global network and the latest in-house DNS software from to deliver a faster, more reliable Internet with powerful threat protection against the latest malware.


  • Malware detection - Blocks malicious and scam sites automatically, preventing unsafe websites from loading
  • Cloud-based - Setting up SecureDNS is fast and easy, with no downloads, hardware, or software required
  • Parental controls - Help keep your kids safe online by blocking websites with harmful and unwanted content
  • One-stop protection - SecureDNS protects all devices, including desktops, laptops, tablets, and mobile devices

Comodo Offers You the Best Solution

With access to the latest anti-malware and phishing information containing data on millions of websites accessed every day, Comodo SecureDNS protects you from fraudulent websites that try to steal your personal information and infect your computer. Lightning fast setup means that by enabling SecureDNS at the router level, the service will immediately safeguard all Internet-connected devices.

Comodo SecureDNS is free for both home and office use for one registered network.

Sign up to apply for beta access to configure your network preferences, or see our switch guide to use Secure DNS 2.0 today without an account. It's quick and easy.