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Comodo SecureDNS 2.0

Comodo SecureDNS is a domain name resolution service that resolves your DNS requests through our worldwide network of redundant DNS servers, bringing you the most reliable fully redundant DNS service anywhere, for a safer, smarter and faster Internet experience.

Best free protection available

As a leading provider of computer security solutions, Comodo is keenly aware of the dangers that plague the Internet today. Secure DNS helps users keep safe online with its malware domain filtering feature. SecureDNS references a real-time block list (RBL) of harmful websites (i.e. phishing sites, malware sites, spyware sites, excessive advertising sites, etc.) and will warn you whenever you attempt to access a site containing potentially threatening content. Directing your requests through highly secure servers can also reduce your exposure to the DNS Cache Poisoning attacks that may affect everybody else using your ISP.

Website content filtering, now in beta

Secure DNS 2.0's new dashboard, available to beta users, makes it simple to set content filters at a network level to help prevent unwanted content from being accessed in your home or network. To enable, simply add your network and set the categories of domains you wish to block. Customize your preferences from more than 25 categories, including proxy and anonymizer blocking.

Content filtering is in closed beta. Apply to join our beta for early access and help to shape our product.

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