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Q. How do I set up my computer to use Comodo Secure DNS?
A. If you have a router, we recommend changing your setting there so that all the computers attached to that router will automatically be updated. However, if you would like to modify your computer instead, please follow the instructions for your particular operating system. Instructions can be found in the Switch Now section.

Q. Do I need to change my DNS settings in individual programs like my Web browser and/or email program?
A. No. Individual programs typically rely on the DNS settings of their operating systems.

Q. How do I stop using Comodo Secure DNS?
A. Comodo Secure DNS can be removed from your system by simply changing your DNS server settings back to their original settings. You can delete your profile completely from your account page.


Q. I typed in the DNS numbers you listed in my browser, but nothing showed up. What's wrong?
A. The IP addresses and are not configured to display a website. This is done for performance and security reasons.