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Business Solutions

SecureDNS for Business is a premium cloud-based recursive DNS service from Comodo, offering enterprises and educational institutions the best security to save time, money, and avoid risk.

Why use SecureDNS?

Without the right tools, businesses run the risk of becoming exposed to malicious Internet threats and increasing their hidden IT costs. Whether you represent a large company or small school, DNS is essential to your Internet experience. SecureDNS is a powerful Internet security solution that organizations can use to protect thousands of computers and Internet users at once by blocking malware and phishing websites automatically on an office or school network.

SecureDNS for Business reduces the management time, development and operations needed for DNS administration at a fraction of the cost of on-premises solutions. Does increasing your network security, reducing hidden IT costs, and improving employee productivity sound like something your business needs?

Benefits of Using SecureDNS for Business

SecureDNS is a proven way to save time and money in your organization. The service works with your existing infrastructure, without the need for appliances or desktop clients, and provides a first layer of defense by blocking Internet-connected devices on your network from accessing risky or unsafe websites.

Unique SecureDNS Benefits

  • Protect corporate assets - Stop emails and websites from tricking employees into revealing sensitive information
  • Cloud-based - Comodo hosted system requires no DNS expertise, software or hardware, and allows remote configuration and management of networks
  • Quick implementation and setup - Simple deployment on your router, gateway, or DHCP server ensures that your business needs are quickly met
  • Expert technical assistance - Comodo offers full telephone, email and web support
  • Prevention-based security - Stop malware before it can access your computer, automatically blocking known unsafe, fraudulent, phishing and infected websites from entering your network and causing harm to your devices

Additional Benefits of SecureDNS for Business

  • Improve office productivity - More than 25 categories of customizable content filtering
  • Scalable from 1-10,000 seats - Ability to configure solutions to meet the needs of individual customer environments
  • Full business-wide protection - Secure environment for all users on any device on your wired or wireless network
  • Less to worry about - Automatic updates for the most current malware and phishing protection

Why Choose Comodo

More than 200,000 businesses use Comodo solutions for their Internet identity, security, trust and brand assurance. Deploying Comodo solutions means embarking on a relationship with a security partner that has the deepest expertise, experience and understanding about how to help businesses achieve their security and productivity goals.

Industry-leading expert support - SecureDNS for Business includes priority customer support, giving you access to a team of DNS specialists who are here for you. As a valued DNS customer, we provide you with both telephone and email support to address any issues you may face or questions you may have during any stage of ordering, provisioning, or managing SecureDNS.

For Educational Institutions:

Provide classrooms and campuses an effective layer of protection - Local school districts, community colleges, and major universities all face similar Internet security challenges as students and faculty become increasingly dependent on PCs and the Internet. With Internet usage ubiquitous in today's learning environments, it is more important than ever to provide students and staff safe access to websites while protecting against malware infections and botnet attacks and managing network-wide bandwidth consumption.

Ensure compliance - SecureDNS for Business is a comprehensive cloud-based web filtering service ideal for use in K-12 education and higher education. The service easily enforces your school's acceptable usage policy and provides compliance with regulations to restrict students from viewing inappropriate material online.

Industry leadership - Comodo understands the challenges of the educational community at all levels and strives to make the Internet a safe and effective teaching and learning resource. Comodo serves hundreds of educational institutions from local school districts to some of the world's largest and best known universities.

Save time and money - With SecureDNS for Business, K-12 schools and universities receive a safe, reliable service that protects students and school computers, works within budget constraints, and makes CIPA compliance painless.

Next Steps

Contact us for early access to SecureDNS for Business or for additional information about what Comodo SecureDNS can do for your organization. Call (949) 4-DNS-COM (949-436-7266) to consult with one of our enterprise DNS experts on solving your enterprise security challenges.

Small businesses can apply today for a free beta account for one registered network.